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Jennifer Sun, July 9, 2006 - 7:12 PM by Jennifer

This is a letter, that a woman name Robin send her friend, or ex-friend Hygeia:

It is no coincidence that I have not heard from you since the last time that we talked on Wednesday night. It is a God-incidence that I now can see the Truth of who you are and what you wanted from me. Before Wednesday, we were talking everyday, sharing insight and support as you aided me in this difficult time of my family turmoil while I did the same for you. I thought that you were my friend, Hygeia. I took you and Nathan into my home and loved you like a relative. But, the minute that I said that I was no longer planning on coming to Clearwater, things changed. The second that you knew that I wasn't going to shell out money from my divorce settlement to you, EVERYTHING CHANGED! You were only being my friend because I had something that you wanted. You wanted to use me and THAT HURTS! I TRUSTED YOU! I CONFIDED IN YOU! AND WHAT DID YOU DO? YOU CUT ME OFF LIKE AN OLD TOE NAIL! Another God-incidence was Dale opening the bill, that Nathan racked up calling a 900# sex-line that we didn't know about, simultaneously with that profound shift in our relationship. Just remember, what goes around comes around! I love Karmic Law! It is absolute! Dependable, reliable and true....all of the things that I thought I saw in you.
What you speak and what you do are two drastically different things. I finally saw it on Wednesday night that you were agreeing with whatever I said as long as you thought that you could still maniupate me. But as soon as I was no longer letting you lead me with your subtle manipulations, you changed...and how! You got angry, you quickly wanted to get off of the phone and that was it...a done more calls from you!
I see, now, that you only wanted to use me for my money, AGAIN! Everything that I believed about you is FALSE! You are a charlatan who has been rationalizing eating meat and drinking alcoholic beverages during your fast as "what you needed" (WHY DON'T YOU PUT THAT IN YOUR E-MAILS TO EVERYBODY? MOTHER OF TRUTH?); a manupulative user who talks people into giving you money in the name of spirituality and Truth; and a professional con artist who claims to be trying to help others gain sovereignty or taking their money in the name of "spiritual thithing". You use others to support your life of "voluntariy simplicity". A better name for your seemingly spiritual way of life could be "charity abuse". Charity is not a way of life. Charity is something to accept when one is in need and you take advantage of people everyday to support your "spiritual path"; which is only an excuse for your not wanting to work. But HEY! Why work when you are so good at convincing people that you CARE so that they will keep supporting your "nomadic" way of life????? You are leading everyone on as the self-proclaimed mother of the primal mothering movement, supported by raw-foodists everywhere! YOU EAT MEAT! You have been every since I first physically met you when I got off of that bus in Quartzsite in early November 2002 with my 10 pounds+ of organic nuts and dried fruits! You didn't even say THANK YOU after I had lugged all of the sustenance from Florida WITH MY BABY!!!!
It's just like after I flew you and your ENTIRE family to Maui in 2002, when the $10,600 that I got from my savings bonds starting "running out" (though, I now see from our calculations that we did when you were here in mid-June, that you and Abi lied to me and TOOK most of that money for yourselves!), you pulled away from me and had Abi do your dirty work when he "asked" me to leave the group with my small son. Was that the spiritual way, Hygeia? Asking a struggling BROKE mother to leave your camp with her 9 month old son after she had flown you and ALL OF YOUR FAMILY to Maui, bought you a VAN and everything else that you asked for was not spiritual. You didn't even speak to me after we arrived at Kalama Park, on that last day, or told me good-bye, thank you, good luck or anything before I left. Not that I needed thanking because I did what I did in the name of Love and Truth, but the ONLY person whom I remember thanking me was Mark! And he did so on more than one occassion. You were as cold as I now see that you truly are on the inside. I'm sorry that I hurt my mother and the rest of my family when I left with her money to join your family. At the time, I couldn't see the truth. But now, I do.
And while I'm letting you know how I feel about you and your ways, I think that it's unfair that you hinder your children from learning and living how the rest of the world live. Though, I agree with some of your views on child-rearing and nutrition (even though the entire time I've known you since 2002 you guys have been eating meat and other cooked foods as well as drinking alcohol and smoking), I see you as an extremely co-dependent mother who uses her daughters to keep her with a constant supply of babies. Without your children you would be forced to do your own thing; something that a co-dependent user cannot do alone. It's no wonder Sarah is pulling away from you. I pray that Jasmine can see that getting married and having children is only ONE of INFINITE options for her young life. You keep your children dependent upon you, though you preach sovreignty. That's what I saw when I decided not to bend to your will, come to Clearwater, rent the $500/week cottage that you wanted and buy you guys an RV. You never intended on "being there for me" if I wasn't sharing my money with you. WHAT KIND OF FRIEND IS THAT???
What the State of Florida is doing to Jasmine IS wrong, so I hope that you are reunited soon. I won't be finding out along with everyone else because, as you know, you stopped sending me e-mails as of last thursday. I'll keep praying for Jasmine and all of you, though.
And by the way! Is this termination of our "freindship" worth the $112.27 that Nathan charged to my phone for his masturbation session??? I THINK NOT! It is and never was about that money! IT'S ABOUT PRINCIPLE! I would NEVER do that to a friend! When I triend to talk to you about this all you could do was defend him and his "porn addiction". Yeah, that's the kind of guy that I want dating my daughter when she's older! A LIAR, CHEATER AND A THIEF! But, ya' know that "like attracts like", so I guess it's no wonder that YOU and Nathan are the ones that are together while Jasmine is separate. She is still pure so Nathan was inevitably repeled from her. BUT YOU AND NATHAN! That's another story, 'eh? It's no wonder Kurt is leary of getting into a relationship with you. Does he know about the surgeon who bought you the steak and strawberry margharita? Yeah...I thought not.
Anyways, I forgive you for your evil manipulation and trespasses against me and my family. I'm so grateful to see the Truth about who you are before I left my family and came to join you in what I thought was to be a spiritual journey. Thanks for writing PRIMAL MOTHERING IN A MODERN WORLD. It changed my life. Maybe you can change yours and be who you say that you are in that book. Until, then...
Peace, Love, Joy, Faith, Unity


My opinion:

excuse me, well, if this woman hygeia was always running around with such an attitude, maybe it is better that her daughter is away from her, not in a home but maybe with a foster-family! i can not believe that so many people felt for the fraud, gave her money, which they earned with WORK and now see they got betrayed!!!!! most likely it is true what robin said, about having an excuse not to work. how many thousand women and maybe men read the book of hers, believing in her, fasting with her, in support of her mission to get her daughter back, and she is the one with the STEAK???? well thank you very much, while ones fast, the other ones eat like kings with "charitymoney". god forbid, this woman writes another book, built up on lies, fraud and blinding people....thank you robin, for telling us, even though i believe their is still enough "believers" which sit athome now, starving hungry, fasting for the "fraud-mission"....all i can say: laughing-out-loud my friends!

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GypsyWolf Mon, July 10, 2006 - 10:00 AM by GypsyWolf

this whole situation has a "mango mama" feel to it.

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Missa Mon, July 10, 2006 - 10:43 AM by Missa

You know I was thinking the same thing last night actually. Isn't it Mango Mama whose picture is on the front of the Primal Mothering book ?

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Petra Mon, July 10, 2006 - 1:27 PM by Petra

Hi, i just saw, that the Hygeia-Controversy is posted here too.....but let me know please, what or who is Mango Mama? I have no idea!

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Missa Mon, July 10, 2006 - 5:10 PM by Missa

Here is what Hygeia wrote this afternoon:


Readership response has been my saving grace as I wade
through the myriad of Pinellas County DCF abuses and
draw up the most glaring crime of all that confirms
the truth,

"When we're right, we need only one argument."

One contributing member gently carresses my soul with
this following fact...Jasmine has a right to be loved
and Nathan has a right to love her.

Several states and many countries honor early marriage
and do not discriminate against age differences. It
is no secret that females tend to mature sooner than
their male counterparts. Such a biological fact
explains why a young woman would be attracted to a man
older than her.

I teach my children that love is the most important
thing in the world. To judge love based on age
difference is to enter the skewed state of
discrimination. To judge individuals based on their
personal challenges is to ignore the truth of your own
personal challenges. Just because they are hidden
from view doesn't make them non-existent.

My dream is to see the day when love is respected,
regardless of age or gender...soul relationships being
given the fertile soil to become all they were meant
to be.

As I have written in my book, Primal Mothering in a
Modern World, my religion is primal mothering and,
yet, I would suffer death rather than renounce the
rights of my children. And those rights include
loving those they love. I reiterate, Jasmine has the
right to be loved and Nathan has the right to love

It is this truth of my determination that led Jasmine
to reach out and share her concerns with me, in the
23rd day of my fast. Knowing that I was exposed to
the hot sun and a very humid element, realizing that I
risk arrest by being in Florida, aware of the huge
amount of brain cells I'm constantly activating on
behalf of her return to our family, certain that I am
walking my usual ten or more miles daily, and feeling
my anguish over family separation Jasmine begged me to
eat something, no matter how little, so she would not
have to worry about me.

Her message came on the heels of a repeated dream that
was confusing me up to the moment of her message. My
intuition was calling for meat, not any form of
protein but specifically meat. In the dream, this
primordial request was in the context of brotherhood
and a Native American time of the coming hunt.
Knowing I cannot serve two masters, I had to make a
decision between my attitudes about meat and my body's
call for it. By honoring the call I not only eased my
daughter's concern but I also delved deep into an
understanding that only action could have revealed.

Up until that moment I had been experiencing this DCF
nightmare as a battle, a skirmish that is either won
or lost. With the partaking of meat came the
realization that this situation is, in fact, a
hunt...the hunting down of injustice. Like alchemy in
action, this subtle yet profound shift in
consciousness took me from a soldier in hopes of
winning to a hunter in search of my prey.
Defensiveness gave way to aggression, and my maternal
claws thrilled at the fact of victory!

From this willingness to honor my intuition above the
expectations of others, as well as to honor my
daughter's request to lessen her worries over mom, a
power came unto me that has turned out to be needed to
deal with enemies lurking in the realm of have undoubtedly by now met Miss
Robin Preer.

Robin is a victim of spiritual misery, brought on by
life choices that lead to karmic retribution. My four
year friendship with her has left me spiritually
bankrupt on enough occasions that I do believe my
lesson has been learned...those with vested interest
are not necessarily available on the spiritual plane.

As a primal mother, there is absolutely nothing that
can deter me from loving my children and the chosen
mates of my children, nor can my love for
grandchildren be tainted. Christians are familiar
with what are considered Christ's final words,
something about forgiving the murderers because they
know not what they do. In Robin's case, I cannot
give her this benefit of the doubt, because she has
gone out of her way to psychically hurt Jasmine by
ripping at her fiance and trying to destroy her

You will believe what you choose to believe. That's
the mark of a sovereign soul. Nothing matters more to
me than ensuring that I facilitate in you the desire
to think for yourself. But, are you thinking for
yourself when you react to the retaliatory efforts of
a woman steeped in her own misery?

Misery does love company. If I stand alone, that is a
better fate than to lose myself amidst a mass
stone-throwing session.
Love despite hate,
Hygeia Halfmoon

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Chris Mon, July 10, 2006 - 11:46 PM by Chris

Interesting. My bro in law used the same excuse - "I had a dream" - when he was trying to

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Chris Mon, July 10, 2006 - 11:54 PM by Chris


. . . start an affair with his 4 y.o. daughter's pre-school teacher.

Anyway, I have no idea what this is all about. Can't even find the details on google.

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Petra Tue, July 11, 2006 - 9:19 AM by Petra

Hey Guys, just leave the subject alone....we all don't know what caused the problems, between the two i always say: A woman's biggest enemy is another women", I just wrote in an email the other day how things can change, how friendships can be destroyed! What i wrote was:

"...that unfortunately women can be extremely evil....a woman's biggest enemy will be another woman....i must say, i had a friend athome, we got along fine, until we got one day in a stupid arguement because of our kids...while i tried to keep my distance for a while, she started running around, telling everybody that i live with wild rats in the house, cause i am so dirty....the truth was: I did live with rats, yes, but they were Petrats which were my sons cageanimals bought in a Petstore! See, that fast stories can "turn" around, because of somebody elses anger, madness! Other people came to my house to give me the advice to call an took weeks, before i had this "situation" under control and got rid of the reputation of being the "Ratlady"...."

And all this was caused, because my "friend" couldnt stop herself from talking "shit" about me, because she couldnt control her anger at this time! She went around telling everyone in the streets, much damage would it have caused, if she would have taken my emaillist and wrote that to everyone out there????
Most likely, a lot of people would have believed my friend, most likely i would have had no chance to "fix" it or repair it, once peoples opinion is set on something, it is very hard to "repair" it! At this time, when my friend did that, i had already a hard time, so it was perfect timing for her, to make my life worse! Hygeia has a hard time already, she has more "radical" opinions, which in my eyes, being from Europe are totally normal, but maybe not for here, there is a lot of extremely conservative people here, they are just waiting on "stories" like that! Most likely the Departments got these emails too! So, it was for the sender of the emails the "perfect timing" too!
Instead jumping up now ans screaming..."Oh this woman is bad", maybe we should wait and think: "Is it really true, or is it just a anger-caused rumor"?
Trust me..."Radicals" and "Freethinkers" never had it easy.... not here, not in Europe, nowhere.....


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ђελŧђεr Tue, July 11, 2006 - 9:33 AM by ђελŧђεr

Really don't know what this is about, nor do I care , I just wanted to comment on this:

>>A woman's biggest enemy is another women<<

Ain't that the truth! We are vicious creatures, aren't we? I wonder if that some sort of built-in physio-evolutionary thing...

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GypsyWolf Tue, July 11, 2006 - 10:26 AM by GypsyWolf

yes it is! you are quite correct! :)

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Jennifer Tue, July 11, 2006 - 10:33 AM by Jennifer

This is another letter that was posted by another lady, which has contact with Hygeia and Robin:


I want to add to my recent postings regarding some of the recent developments surrounding the Hygeia Halfmoon case - I spoke with not only the wirter of the email that I posted but with other women as well who know Hygiea to varying degrees. Robin's statements not only back up my long held, deep fear and suspicions regarding Hygeia, but I contact Hygeia directly as well.

The first email I wrote her, I asked if it was true that Nathan had a porn addiction becasue that changed the situation for me. She replied saying that Robin's letter was a blessings because now she will know who her real friends are. She added, "I wonder which side of the fence you will end up on."

I then emailed her back very nicely and asked her to answer my questions; does Nathan have a porno addiction and did she eat steak while fasting? She returned my email again, effectivly cutting me off and still not anwering my questions.

She later sent out a mass email saying that she was contacted by Jasmine and that she begged her mother to eat. Also she said she had a dream about Native American practices and hunting and it told her to eat meat.

I believe these are lies. If Jasmine did contact her mom and ask her to eat, I seriously doubt that she specified meat. Second, I don't think that there are any 'spiritual' reasons to eat meat especially when you are supported by raw foodists in spirit and dollar because you present yourself as 'one of them.' Thirdly, I know personally that she eats meat regularly while passing herself off as a raw foodist and has done so for years. She has personally told me about trips to McDonalds. Lastly, she didn't go out and hunt some meat, she didn't go pick up some free range meet at the health food store, she wasn't offered some meat by a Native American, she went out with some guy, a doctor by the way Ms. Anti-medical-establishment, who was trying to get in her pants and she totally took 'advantage' of the situation and ordered a big steak. She then called Robin and bragged about it.

I also found out over the course of these events some even deeper, darker secrets about her, that I will not post. But suffice to say I have come to believe that she is a liar since I have caught her in several direct lies. She also does not practice what she preaches. She is not a primal mother. She disgraces the movement, and I can no longer cite her as any kind of reference academically.

I had been really upset for days, crying off and on, but with her emails today which were nothing but fancy double-talk and lies, I started laughing. I couldn't help it, she just seems so obvious now that I had to laugh at myself.

I think that at the time she wrote Primal Mothering that she was living what she preached in that book. But I think that our society rejected her so often and she had to spend years banging her head against the wall in pursuit of a nobel cause that she snapped. She lost her pure intent and just started to become as alternative and repulsive to 'average' people as possible. This assured two things, her indentiy and the nobilty of her poverty, and two, that her children would become wildly dependant on her and therefor never leave.

I still support Jasmine 100%. I think that she should be returned to her mother if Hygiea agrees to really homeschool her kids and work at least enough so that they can afford food. I think over all and most importantly that Jasmine is a woman free to make her own choices and that the state of FLA should let her do that.


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jerushah Tue, July 11, 2006 - 11:31 AM by jerushah

i will not show any support for this woman's choices regarding her thirteen year old daughter. she claims that her job as a primal mother is to love who her daughter loves. bullshit. her job is to love and protect her child, and yes, thirteen is still very much a child. encouraging your adolescent child to have babies with a considerably older man holds no nobility. and if her daughter was so mature, she'd choose to wait a few years. and if nathan was such a good guy he wouldn't be screwing around with a child.

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Jennifer Tue, July 11, 2006 - 1:58 PM by Jennifer


.......I was very disapointed also to learn recently that Hygeia's youngest on cannot read! That's not homeschooling, that's neglect.......

.....I'm really upset about all of this............I pray that she gets therapy, really puts effort into homeschooling her children so that they can at least survive normal society if they choose and that Jasmine can be saftely returned to her so that she may begin to heal from this whole mess in the comfort of family who love her.....

ANOTHER WOMAN WROTE:, what will happen next? she will keep on getting supported by "believers", gets her daughter back, she gets pregnant again, the whole circle starts again? unbelievable, what is going on here! i had put so much effort in trying to follow this belief, always defending it like a lioness, and now...i fall in a deep hole! how impertinent can this woman be, to sit there and eat meat (out of all things as a vegetarian), while others fast in "loyalty". i got like enough of the nonsense....the woman gets treated like a "guru", but is nothing but a "welfarecase"...................


......About her PhD status and whether it's real or not...I'm not totally sure. When I asked Hygeia about it...after having known her for several years it dawned on me that I knew NOTHING about it and most others that I know with PhD's usually say SOMETHING about where they got it and so mid-June when she was at my house, I asked her about it and she double talked about how it is in "Natural Hygeine" and that some doctor somewhere who is dead asked her to write a curriculum about Natural Hygeine and it was somehow destroyed years ago. WHATEVER! Then she QUICKLY changed the subject like she ALWAYS does when she's in danger of being found out. SO NO...I am not sure if her PhD is False, but I AM SURE that she didn't say YES IT'S FOR REAL......



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Missa Tue, July 11, 2006 - 11:35 PM by Missa

So what?! Why is it that we can get so much glee from breaking someone else, a mother even, down?

With much love and sadness,

I never

Esperanza Wed, July 12, 2006 - 10:46 AM by Esperanza

trust posts coming from people with no pic or friends! there always posting with some kind of dishonest agenda

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Petra Wed, July 12, 2006 - 11:33 AM by Petra

I just need to give another comment here...since it is neverending:

We all at times do things that are far away from our beliefs or opinions, why, sinple because we get in situations they need different decisions!
Me, for myself, i am a believer of organic foods, yes, but i do go to McDonalds, knowing that it is far away from healthy stuff!

I don't believe in a father religion, i honor the goddess.....but if i have a bad time in my life, to protect my kids from starving, i do go to the christian church to get foodmoney for my family!
I even attended service there!

Like i said, some situations ask for radical change of believe or opinion! We ALL did things before they had nothing to do or had any relation with the things we usely do or believe in...and out there is not ONE that can say, i ALWAYS stayed with what i said prior! There is not ONE out there that can actually say, i am the PERFECT human!
Life dont give you the possibility to be always yourself or always lets you do exactly want you really wanna do!
You can call me a hippocrit, i really dont care, because until i see the PERFECT person, i say, i got the right to do what i wanna or need to do! If i am calling myself a vegatarian and i eat meat for a change, is this a reason and an excuse for anybody else out there to pick up a stone and throw it at me or to judge me? Dont we all have enough dirt in front of our own doors???

And my opinion in this life is...A WOMAN GOT TO DO WHAT SHE GOT TO DO, in order to get ahead, in a patriarchal system, when there will be noone there to support her and all she got in this life are other women/sisters to support her, but then to find out that it was an illusion, cause even they turn on her.....

Petra, totally disgusted rightnow with all this Hygeia-Hatred-Behavior!

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jazzy Mon, July 17, 2006 - 10:01 PM by jazzy

I think what people are trying to understand is the truth.

its hard for some people to accept that things might not be as they thought with their "guru" or whatever you'd want to call her.

I can see how she is doing the same thing that bush and co does ... you are either with me or against me.

Personally, i'm disgusted that a woman would allow her 13 year old baby to be with a man who I'm assuming is over 18? I'm not up to date on all this stuff, but to me it really smells like shit.


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Judith Tue, August 24, 2010 - 4:37 PM by Judith

is there a reason this just reappeared in the discussion 4 years after the posting? I get occasional inquiries from people who liked HH's books etc and have just said that she had been having some family and personal issues and has been keeping a low profile. discretion is indeed often the best part of valor...